A platform for better parent and teacher engagement

Manage classrooms, publish events, share activities and stay in touch with parents and guardians all from one easy to use solution.

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Get parents more involved

Parents and guardians will now have the opportunity to connect with teachers and school administrators in real time via the EngagedKids mobile application. This feature will provide users with an avenue view data as it relates to their child’s daily activities, classwork and assignments issued, upcoming activities, curriculum updates and learn about scheduled events way ahead of the appointed time

EngagedKids mobile features


Share Activities

  • Share multimedia files such as videos, audio recordings, photos and more 
  • Post homework along with a due date for parents to view
  • Share Progress reports 

Send and Receive Messages

  • In-app chat service
  • Send application feedback
  • Contact customer support 

Keep Parents Informed

  • Calendar of events alerts
  • Resource center
  • Push notifications and alerts
  • Daily reminders 
  • Child progress reports

School management features

Classroom Management

Streamline your day more efficiently. Manage classroom attendance, reduce paperwork creating online profiles, and capture learning milestones and track students progress through analytics.

Parents Engagement

Stay in touch with families through our in-app chat, share daily activities using our multimedia activities feature, send out emergency alerts and schedule calendar of events. 

Attendance and Learning 

Check in students using our in-app check-in and generate classroom attendance reports. Consolidate learning material for classes in a central point and distribute to stakeholders when necessary.

User Management

Monitor in-app activities and enable/disable user accounts. In addition to this, administrators can add or remove roles and responsibilities assigned to individuals using the web management system.

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